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They look adorable together, making the fans go crazy about them. Samantha has got her share of fame through the television series. Similarly, Dylan has made his spot in the industry through his hardworking performances.

Then, in June 2021, Skye shared a photo of herself and Giveon on Instagram, along with a straightforward black heart as the message. Then Giveon shared Skye’s post on his account and added a black heart to the caption. It seems that Justine Skye had some harsh words for her ex. The music video for the artist’s most recent hit, “What a Lie,” appears to speak directly about her breakup with her ex-boyfriend Giveon. Back in October, fans assumed that Skye had parted ways with Giveon following a series of tweets in which the “In My Bag” singer referenced cheating.

Likewise, Justine imparted a photograph to Giveon on her Instagram account on June 9, 2021. The implied couple was even seen wearing matching dark dress. Skye likewise added a dark heart to the photograph’s text. Justin Bieber’s crush tune “Peaches” highlighted him as of late. Aside from his occupation, there have been ongoing tales about Giveon’s sexuality.

Who is Giveon Currently Dating?

The relationship ended in late 2021, with Skye saying on her Wine Down Wednesday Instagram Live that she found out he was texting and seeing other women while they were together. He gained confidence with his voice, and the rest was history. He attended Long Beach Polytechnic High School, and then enrolled at the Grammy Museum for a music education program when he turned 18. It was here that he discovered Frank Sinatra—a baritone like him. He has since released several Eps, been nominated for a few major awards—like a Grammy or seven!!

He has also been an inspiration to many youths and he has also been known as an influencer. “I really hate the person I let myself become, but I know I want to be better and I cannot wait for that day,” added Justine. “A man wouldn’t know how to treat you right if you gave them a manual.. I know I shouldn’t but I really can’t help but blame myself for not saving enough love for me in the end 💔 whatever idc anymore I’m done,” she wrote in a since-deleted tweet.

“She said, honestly, I just see you being a given person one day,” the singer revealed. After his mom’s explanation, Giveon shifted his opinion and said, “Now I’m so happy that she didn’t just give me a regular name.” He even bragged about having a unique name to his brother John. Giveon claimed his newfound ownership also translated into feeling confident about his one-of-a-kind voice by “accepting who I am.” Take “dec 11th,” where Giveon laments a missed connection with a fan who caught his eye in Houston.

When It’s All Said And Done… Take Time

But the fans were sure about their togetherness for a longer period. In some posts, she hinted that Dylan and Samantha were together since 2013. The duo has gathered love and affection from their fans, over the years.

Dylan was spotted beside Logan during the warp-up party of the second season of “13 Reasons Why”. He does get to see them when making stops in Los Angeles or Denver where family members reside. And when he’s not winding down with a glass of wine or a read, he’s kicking back with video games as a means to reach his family. “I try to deal with FaceTime calls and family conference calls, but it’s not the same. I do have my best friend with me,” Giveon shares.

“So I think I gave him my number one time because he was a big fan of ‘Take Time’ and told me he was listening to it all the time,” he said about Bieber. Giveon remembered he was in the studio one day when Bieber “FaceTimed me and was like, ‘Yo, I really want you on this, please get on it.'” At the time, Giveon said he was struggling with creating music. But when he first heard the early version of “Peaches,” Bieber’s effort on the track inspired Giveon. “Yo, Bieber coming crazy. So I gotta come crazy,” he explained. The R&B singer sent his verse back to Bieber who said “this is amazing!” The pair agreed to add Caesar to the mix and the track became a huge success. Giveon said of the final track, “it’s a vibe and I’m happy I get to show people that I have tempo to me as well.”

Dating History

Giveon Dezmann Evans was born on twenty-one Gregorian calendar month of 1995. Likewise, his birthplace is the metropolis, California, the USA. He holds AN Yankee identity, whereas his quality is African-American.

Giveon Dezmann Evans’s Internet Value and Salary

On the singer’s 24th birthday, he showed up to meet Thomas and another producer for an audition. Mjeema Pickett—head of R&B and Soul at Spotify—was next to catch on to this young California kid’s skills. “I wasn’t expecting his voice to sound like that,” she recalls. He had to cut the strings that tied him to the belief that being an artist meant doing all the vocal acrobatics.

“There’s still stuff I do now that my friends will try to roast me over, but I’m just myself regardless,” he said. Since the star has been through a lot on the relationship front, it’s understandable that she prefers to keep her dating life on the hush-hush. As for her current relationship status, fans hope Justine will have better luck in her future relationships. Since Justine Skye, there have not been any more rumors regarding who Giveon is dating, if anyone.

Coming from the “place where gang culture was birthed,” Giveon said he and his brothers were shielded from the dark aspects of the city. “We weren’t exposed to it until we walked to school,” he recalled about the potentially violent culture near their home. This soulful R&B singer has a genre-bending sound that pairs well with the biggest names in music. Most fans were first introduced to Giveon through his feature on “Chicago Freestyle” by Drake. Not just in music, Giveon is becoming a star in fashion as well.

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