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Aya and other members of the Strix start fighting Rebekah. Luckily Freya appears and breaks their necks with a spell. Freya tries to convince Rebekah to come back to New Orleans but she tells Freya that she is meeting with a witch who has a spell to bring back Kol.

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The two are confused when she disappears, however when they try to cross the road, they are knocked down by a passing car, with Hope announcing that the game has begun. In the Town Square, Hope and Josie arrive to find Landon dead, having been killed by Lizzie, and Lizzie shackled to a tree, possessed by the oni. Hope watches as Lizzie begs Josie to kill her with Kurruta’s blade, ending the oni and her suffering.

Opening it, he finds Agatha, though she’s covered in burns and assumes that she’s had a run-in with the tribrid. He lets her in, but Hope walks through with Agatha’s decapitated and burned head. Agatha was kind enough to reveal where their werewolf den was, deciphering it from all her screams. He gives her a last chance to talk before they attack her, but she formally challenges him to an alpha fight. Greg doesn’t believe she can do that, but the other wolves back off and allow it.

Jed questions if she thinks they’re going to lose but Hope believes they won’t. Alaric continues to explain how Ben told them about a mixture the Spartans used to harm the gods.”White fire and brimstone,” otherwise, phosphorus and sulfur. If they can rig the whole meadow for a chain reaction and get Ken in the middle, the explosion will likely incapacitate him. While Cleo gets more intel, Alaric instructs the witches and vampires to get the minerals. Ben will show the wolves how to set up the bomb before they have to report to the bunker for the full moon.

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With the Necromancer in a cell and wanting to find out more about Malivore however he senses that she wants answers about her father’s final status whether or not he found peace or not. The Necromancer plays mind games with Hope inside his mind and leaves her alone in a dark abyss. Leaving Hope distraught and finally opening up about her uncertainly of Klaus finding peace and expressing survivor guilt about his death. Hope is told that her dad did move on however he’s concerned about Hope and that he wouldn’t stop watching over her until she finally forgives herself. Hope gets in a fight with Alaric and tells him that he’s not her father.

When April runs off, Rebekah tells her that she was not going to threaten April. Elena remarks that Rebekah will not win the cure by being herself because she is not a good person. She decides, that, even though Stefan and his friends killed her brother Kol, they were going to continue MILFTastic their partnership. The next morning in All My Children, we see Rebekah waking up next to Damon in his bed. When she was about to leave, she and Damon meet Elena at the door of the Salvatore house. Arriving home, she is teased by Klaus and Kol, the latter of whom calls her a strumpet.

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Alaric agrees that the timing is not ideal, but the next celestial event is not for another month and Hope refuses to wait that long. Jed wonders where Landon might actually be, but Hope won’t be able to find out until they’re physically in the prison world to do a locator spell. Alaric agrees with all of their comments on the plan.

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She and Roman talk more again and they decide to head to New Orleans. In The Brothers That Care Forgot, Rebekah takes Hope to the park. Rebekah is pushing her on the swing when she notices her mother’s starlings staring at her. Rebekah believes her mother has found them so she rings Elijah. Elijah meets with Rebekah in the diner and he holds Hope.

She quips that she could even be right behind her, which prompts Hope to look over her shoulder. Alaric and Hope return Malivore to his cage and learn that the transfusion ritual worked, but he was inspired by Cleo. He learned of Hope’s plan and instead transferred a dybbuk to Ryan. A dybbuk is a parasitic spirit of Jewish folklore that imbues its host with supernatural strength. Malivore sends the dybbuk to Movie in the Square and reveals that the only way to kill it is to kill the host.

However, during a Full Moon, Niklaus and Henrik snuck out to watch the men from their village transform into wolves. However, as the sun began to rise, Rebekah saw Niklaus carrying Henrik’s lifeless body back into the village, and he tearfully confessed that one of the wolves had mauled Henrik to death. Birth/Death Juxtaposition – Almost as soon as she’s born, her mother Hayley is killed by Monique. Subverted in that Hayley woke up in transition, due to dying while Hope’s blood was still inside her. Hybrid Power – Hope has demonstrated magic abilities from her witch side and healing abilities from her vampire side though latter power is slower than a full vampire’s healing factor. He accepted her before everyone else did, even her parents.

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